Alfarana Company for rice milling and silos for preserving grains

Alfaranar Rice Milling Company is one of the major industrial castles built on the land of the Dakahlia Governorate in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Specifically in the city of Dekernes, and in the industrial city of Gamasa, on a land area of 30 thousand square meters. Pharaohs Companies has been established since 1994; Since then, it has been considered one of the leading companies in the field of exporting and importing rice, grains and legumes  of all different types and sizes  ; The average sales volume of the company during the last three years amounted to 350 million pounds. The Pharaohs Rice Milling Company is famous for establishing and operating a mill to mill rice, establishing and operating silos to preserve grains and agricultural crops, sorting, grading, screening and processing agricultural crops, crushing grains and packing grains and legumes. .


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