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The company's trade name: AL FARANA CO. RICE MILL SILOS TO PRESERVE YIELDS Is one of the largest industrial castles built on the land of the province of Dakahlia in the Arab Republic of Egypt; specifically the city of Dekernes, and the industrial city of Gamasa on a land area of ​​30 thousand square meters.         Where we have two companies specialized in the field of beating rice and packing and exporting and importing rice and pulses with a capital of 100 million pounds         The AL FARANA Company was established since 1994; since then it has been one of the leading companies in the field of exporting and importing rice, cereals and legumes of all types and sizes. The average sales volume of the company during the last three years amounted to 350 million pounds.   It is located about 20 km from the port of Damietta. It is 40 km from Port Said Port. It is also 100 km away from Alexandria Port, which makes it easy to transport, export and import from and to all countries of the world.   The company is specialized in importing and using the latest machines, techniques and techniques used for the process of beating and refining rice and packing cereals and legumes. The company is equipped with production lines of German-made Bühler machines as well as Japanese machines Stacky and 4 Spanish Packing machines.               Al Farana company supplies and exports to different and important entities:  At the local level: We supply to the General Authority for Supply Commodities, the Egyptian Food Bank, the General Services Authority of the Armed Forces, the Orman Association, the General Company for Wholesale Trade, the Police Appointments Department, the National Service Project Authority,   Export and export: We have a large sales in export of rice and pulses to the outside of them (Ukraine - Libya - Turkey - Kenya - Senegal - Sudan - Armenia - Georgia - Syria - Morocco - Moldova - Taiwan - Australia - Netherlands - Dubai - Saudi Arabia .. ...) Which resulted in the company gaining the confidence of domestic and foreign consumers as well as the recognition of international bodies specialized in specifications and quality that the company seeks to satisfy its customers.         With the increase in global awareness of the importance of the need for quality standards, food safety and occupational safety and health, al farana co. rice mill silos to preserve yields has established Quality Management Systems, Food Safety, Safety and Occupational Health to comply with ISO-22000: 2005 & 18001: 2007 in order to meet customer requirements and expectations, and provide a good product healthy and safe for our consumers.        al farana co. rice mill silos to preserve yields  are environmentally friendly since they do not produce any toxic gases or vapors that threaten society and the environment. This is because the waste produced from the peeling of the rice as a result of beating and bleaching is sold first to the needs of the local market where the company is in compliance with the laws And environmental regulations, whether local or global. All this is to satisfy our customers both locally and internationally.              All this large entity and advanced industrial system under the supervision of the Chairman of the Board Mr. / Walid Fathi Elsayed Feroun  

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