Camolino rice

Camolino rice is a distinctive Italian type of rice known for its ability to absorb liquids and flavors well. Camolino is popular in preparing traditional Italian dishes such as risotto, mandi, and arancini.

Camolino is characterized by its short, thick and round beans. This type of rice has a high starch content, which causes it to become soft and creamy when cooked. Camolino also has the ability to retain its size and shape after cooking, allowing it to perfectly absorb liquid ingredients without losing its texture.

Camolino requires longer to cook than some other types of rice, as it needs liquids to absorb and break down slowly. The vast majority of standard cameolino recipes are for risotto, which is prepared by gradually adding liquid and stirring constantly until it is absorbed and achieves a creamy consistency.

Camolino can be found in large grocery stores or stores specializing in Italian products.